Sunday the 6th of september, we took the DAXSim for a spin, after the major maintenance in form of a total reinstall of the simulator PC!

It took quite a while, to get all the stuff reinstalled and set up. We spend almost the whole saturday doing this.. But we finally got it all fixed up, and ready to fly before sunday!!’

Then the next day, sunday, we took it for a spin!
It was a 4:40 hr. trip, from EKCH (Kastrup, Denmark) to BGSF (Kangalusuaq, Greenland) And we used approx. 11 tonnes of fuel. We also tested the FMC/CDU from Engravity, and we were supprised to see how well it worked! No probs. at all!!

We also took some pretty great pics!! smiley

Here’s the beautiful Engravity FMC/CDU in action:

Blog Image The flightdeck enroute, from the left seat:
Blog ImageInbound “CONNY” just South East of EKVG, Vargar in the Faroe Islands:
Blog ImageThe Flightdeck enroute, again, now from the right seat:
Blog ImageDecending thru the clouds to Kangalusuaq (BGSF) Greenland:
Blog ImageOur approach into BGSF at approx. 7000 ft.:
Blog Image
Hope you enjoyed the trip! smiley

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