Sorry, for letting you waiting so long.

Things have undergone a bit of a change, last spring Jesper and I decided to put take the sim out of Jespers bedroom and put into a self storage facility. The reason for that was that the we would try to make a DHC-6 Twin Otter instead of the very expensive B737.

We chose to build the Twotter instead because we constantly ran our head in the wall regarding to the little isue called system logic. This was a very big problem for us, and honestly neither of us was intressted paying 1200 euros for project magentas suite.

So we started planing how we would be able to make a Twotter ( the worlds coolest bushplane ). Actually it seemed quite simple, use the Aerosoft DHC-6 model, BOU836X for iputs such as throttles, switches etc. and FS2Phidgets for output to get the lights and instruments working. And I know it sounds quite straight forward but actually we spend the better part of a month planing this.

BUT!!!! Then we got to start producing part for the cockpit, it hit me!
What are the dimensions of this little thing? So the next few weeks went with me trying to find some useful and accurate schematics over the cockpit.

A simply impossible task, I tell you! Then i found one measurement for floor, the chair seems too big and so on…

Around this point, I suddenly got a new job and therefore moved back to Zealand where i originally came from.

Unfortunately, this meant a full stop to our project.