Yesterday alot of time went trying to get the GoFlight EFIS panels to work with Flightdecksoftware. And as everything else on this project,
it seems almost impossible.

At first I tried to program them via the Goflight key mapper, but then i discovered that GFD only allowed programming through the FSUIPC offsets. So after using about 4 hours setting up the offsets I still can get most of the buttons to do what it should.
But at least the range knob works, or at least sort of. Because Goflight messed up the numbers around the knob. Instead of writing 5, 10, 20 and so on, they start with 10, 20, 40. The ND map selector knob also seems to work know, but I can’t expand og center so I can be able to use it without having to press the GFD screen with the mouse.

– So the conclusion is that GoFlight makes some pretty cheep products for the default FS2004, but then we are adding 3rd party software such as FDS, PM or even PMDG.
It seems that it can’t quite follow up.

Another thing is that i believe that some of the offsets from flightdecksofwares manual isn’t correct.
I have actually no trouble finding the buttons for EFIS panel in the FSUIPC setup menu, but then i write the offset and the parameter as it is written in the FDS manual nothing happens??