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About the sim

The goal with this project, is to build a fairly realistic replica of an advanced airliner, with the inspiration of a great jet-airliner, like the Boeing 737NG. The timeline for this project is, approximately 10 years or maybe more...


Progress Posted on 03 Feb, 2013 03:32:52

Det er noget tid siden mit sidste indlæg. Årsagen er at jeg må erkende at en B737NG ikke kan laves inden for vores budget. Den er simpelthen for svær og komplex at gengive. Derfor må jeg også indrømme at jeg aldrig vil blive tilfreds med den måde jeg vil være i stand til at lave en 737 på. Et andet problem har været, at vi ikke har fast adgang til en rigtig B737. Derfor har vi heller ikke kunnet få fat i de manglende mål af cockpittet.

Derfor begyndte vi at lede efter en anden flytype som måske er lidt mere simpel, eller i det mindste med færre systemer, og hvis muligt en flytype vi ville have adgang til. Det ligefremme svar vil være at bygge en King Air B90 fordi TEC – Aviation i Hvidovre har en sådanne stående. Jesper og jeg blev således enige om at måle cokcpittet op på king air’en og begynde at planlægge en simulator basseret på denne. Efter et par måneder med fokus på king air’en måtte vi dog med skam erkende at selvom vi havde adgang til king air’en, og selvom den var mere simple end en B737, så var interessen ikke særlig stor omkring denne flytype.
Og da det jo altså er interressen der driven denne hobby blev vi enige om at lede efter endnu en ny flytype.

Fortsættelse følger…


It has been a while since my last update. The reason is that I realised that a B737NG home cockpit can’t be done within our budget. It is simply to complex and expensive to replicate. I must admit that I will never be satisfied with the way that I would be able to create a 737. Another problem was that we didn’t had access to a real B737 and therefore didn’t have the option to get the missing dimensions.

Therefore we started looking for another aircraft that might be a little more simple, or at least with fewer systems and if possible, an aircraft we would have access to. The obvious answer would be to create a King Air B90 since TEC -Aviation in Hvidovre own one. Jesper and I then agreed to measure the cockpit and begin to plan a simulator based on the one. After a couple of months with a focus on the king air we had to admit that even tho we had access to the king air, an even tho it was more simple than the B737, the intrest simply wasn’t the same as with the B737. And because this hobby is driven by intrest we agreed to start looking for yet another aircraft.

To be continued…


Progress Posted on 31 Jan, 2011 20:42:54

I’ll let the photos speak for them self.


Progress Posted on 24 Oct, 2010 17:05:01

Just a quick update on the project.

The FMC/CDU bay is now complete and the new home to the fmc.

I will uploade images of this wonder as soon as possible.


– – – – – – – – UPDATE – – – – – – – –

Setting up GoFlights EFIS panel.

Progress Posted on 25 Aug, 2010 12:41:22

Yesterday alot of time went trying to get the GoFlight EFIS panels to work with Flightdecksoftware. And as everything else on this project,
it seems almost impossible.

At first I tried to program them via the Goflight key mapper, but then i discovered that GFD only allowed programming through the FSUIPC offsets. So after using about 4 hours setting up the offsets I still can get most of the buttons to do what it should.
But at least the range knob works, or at least sort of. Because Goflight messed up the numbers around the knob. Instead of writing 5, 10, 20 and so on, they start with 10, 20, 40. The ND map selector knob also seems to work know, but I can’t expand og center so I can be able to use it without having to press the GFD screen with the mouse.

– So the conclusion is that GoFlight makes some pretty cheep products for the default FS2004, but then we are adding 3rd party software such as FDS, PM or even PMDG.
It seems that it can’t quite follow up.

Another thing is that i believe that some of the offsets from flightdecksofwares manual isn’t correct.
I have actually no trouble finding the buttons for EFIS panel in the FSUIPC setup menu, but then i write the offset and the parameter as it is written in the FDS manual nothing happens??


Simulator Handover.

Progress Posted on 01 Aug, 2010 19:50:00


Stop & Start – The Stop

Progress Posted on 24 Nov, 2009 20:27:26


Sorry, for letting you waiting so long.

Things have undergone a bit of a change, last spring Jesper and I decided to put take the sim out of Jespers bedroom and put into a self storage facility. The reason for that was that the we would try to make a DHC-6 Twin Otter instead of the very expensive B737.

We chose to build the Twotter instead because we constantly ran our head in the wall regarding to the little isue called system logic. This was a very big problem for us, and honestly neither of us was intressted paying 1200 euros for project magentas suite.

So we started planing how we would be able to make a Twotter ( the worlds coolest bushplane ). Actually it seemed quite simple, use the Aerosoft DHC-6 model, BOU836X for iputs such as throttles, switches etc. and FS2Phidgets for output to get the lights and instruments working. And I know it sounds quite straight forward but actually we spend the better part of a month planing this.

BUT!!!! Then we got to start producing part for the cockpit, it hit me!
What are the dimensions of this little thing? So the next few weeks went with me trying to find some useful and accurate schematics over the cockpit.

A simply impossible task, I tell you! Then i found one measurement for floor, the chair seems too big and so on…

Around this point, I suddenly got a new job and therefore moved back to Zealand where i originally came from.

Unfortunately, this meant a full stop to our project.